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‘Jagame Tantram’ wil be going to Reselse in the OTT, Check the details

Compared to last year, the number of new movies being released directly on OTT has dropped significantly. Even then, the producers did not dare to skip the theatrical release for Star Heroes movies. It is learned that a deal was struck to release Nagarjuna’s ‘Wild Dog’ live on Netflix earlier but it was later canceled and released in theaters much earlier. The situation is similar in other industries. But at a time like this there was controversy over whether to prepare a big movie directly for OTT release. That movie is .. Jagame Tantra.

The film is directed by young director ‘Karthik Subbaraj’ and stars Tamil star hero Dhanush in the lead role. The film was completed before it was locked down last year. But stopped for a theatrical release. But then the idea changed. Producer Shashikant has signed on to release live on ‘Netflix’. Dhanush and his fans did not like the decision but could not do anything.

Despite the announcement of ‘Jagame Tantram’ OTT release two months ago .. Dhanush has put it off due to the theatrical release of another film ‘Karnan’. It is learned that ‘Karnan’ will be released on the 9th of this month and will be a super hit. The announcement of the release of ‘Jagame Tantram’ came at the end of the theatrical run of the film. It has been announced that the film will be released on June 18. While huge buildings can be seen in the foreign location in the background .. The release date has been announced through a new poster with the cover of ultra stylish Dhanush.

The film will be released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu as Dhanush and Karthik are well known in Telugu. The film is set against the backdrop of international mafia riots. In this, Dhanush starts as a commoner and appears in the character of a big don. While the previously released trailer has aroused interest .. the trailer is about to be released ahead of release. Dhanush is credited with producing the film on the highest budget of his career.



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