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20 Years for The Classic, The days when Pawan Kalyan shaked the industry, Check Details

The first two films gave meager results to his younger brother Powan Kalyan, who made his debut as a hero due to the solid actor heritage of megastar Chiranjeevi. After that a series of hits like Welcome, First Love, Brother, Badri changed Pawan’s writing. He became a star. However, Pawan Kalyan went from ‘Star’ to ‘Superstar’ range with a later film.

‘Khushi’ is a movie that has made Pawan a hero who can compete with his elder brother. It is 20 years since the release of this film on Tuesday. So it was a movie 20 years ago .. It would be a mistake to think that today’s youth feel outdated. Today’s guys are going crazy watching this movie. Timeless classic love story ‘Khushi’ that looks so trendy.

The list of top blockbusters in Tollywood shows that most of them are mass movies. No matter how much the audience likes love stories .. they do not go to the range of industry hits unless they bring classic status. In terms of revenue they are lagging behind compared to mass movies. But ‘Khushi’ is an exception. Although it is a love story to become .. Prabhanjaname created the film in terms of revenue.

The film starred in ‘Narasimhanayudu’ which was released in 2001 Sankranthi and became an industry hit due to its extraordinary success. ‘Khushi’ came close to the film in terms of 100 Days Centers and revenue. Without ‘Narasimhanayudu’, ‘Khushi’ would have been an industry hit.

Although it is basically a love story .. it does not lack for the elements that turn the mass audience. If not, ‘Khushi’ specializes in presenting elevation scenes and action scenes in a classy and stylish way. Even if it is a remake movie .. the touch given by Pawan has brought a new color to the movie. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. It was a resounding success.

Pawan’s role is also crucial in the making of this film. Little is said about Pawan’s mannerisms, styling and screen presence in the film. With this film he gained immense following among the youth and rose to superstar range.



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