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BGMI iOS Release Date Leaked – BGMI iOS to be out on August 20

BGMI IOS Release Date Leaked - BGMI iOS to be out on August 20

BGMI iOS release date leaked – BGMI iOS releasing on August 20:

A very big good news for all the iOS users who are waiting for the launch of BGMI iOS version, the most anticipated game Battlegrounds Mobile India will be releasing soon for iOS devices. Krafton has officially announced about BGMI iOS version release on all its social media pages.

As we have already mentioned in our recent post “BGMI India Series registrations are extended”, we said Krafton is may be planning to launch the BGMI iOS version and this can be the reason for the extension of India Series 2021, so the iOS players can also register for the series. And exactly that’s what is happening with Krafton now.

As per the latest updates we receive, Krafton has accidentally revealed the launch date of BGMI iOS version on its official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The leaked release date of BGMI iOS version is set for August 20.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India celebrating its 50 million downloads:

BGMI recently reached the mark of 48 and 49 million downloads and celebrated these milestones by gifting players with three Supply Coupon Crate Scrap and three Classic Coupon Crate Scrap. And now BGMI is going to hit the mark of 50 million downloads, this time BGMI will reward players with a Permanent Galaxy.

The new information is leaked from the source in Krafton is that the BGMI iOS version will be launched on the iOS store after the 50 million download rewards collection time period is over.

BGMI IOS Release Date Leaked - BGMI iOS to be out on August 20

Krafton official update about the BGMI iOS Release date:

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular battles royale mobile games in India, Krafton officially launched Battlegrounds Mobile India on July 02, 2021, BGMI is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile specially for India, and it became a huge success.

But unfortunately, BGMI is only released for android users and not for iOS users. And now after the one month of its android release, Krafton hints BGMI iOS Release date in a recent post on Twitter. Krafton says “We thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know wink Stay tuned for more!”.

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Why BGMI wasn’t released for IOS Devices? 

As we said Krafton has extended the BGMI India Series 2021 due to BGMI iOS Release. At first the series is announced, Krafton mentioned the biggest Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament is only available for Android users only on their rulebook. But later they extend the registrations for the series and changed the rulebook of the tournament from Android users to mobile devices. And last date for close of registrations will be announced after the release of BGMI iOS version.

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