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Dil Raju seems to have missed the point….

Two of the biggest films released in theaters in India after the Corona break. If one is a master .. the other is lawyer Saab. Both films did well in theaters. It is learned that the movie ‘Master’ will be released on Amazon Prime while it is still running in theaters. The film was released on OTT two weeks after its release. It was also criticized at the time.

It was felt that releasing such big movies on OTT so quickly would be an ax to theaters. But a producer who puts a huge budget on a film has the right to release it anytime, anywhere. It was then that his preferred views were expressed on making deals to his best advantage. Leaving aside the ‘master’ facts, the announcement that another huge film ‘Vakil Saab’ will also be released in OTT within 20 days of its theatrical release has become a topic of discussion.

In the first week of the release of ‘Vakil Saab’, there was a rumor about its OTT release. The movie is all set to hit the screens on the 23rd of this month. Producer Dil Raju himself reacted to this. ‘Lawyer Saab’ has just joined the OTT. Fifty days after its theatrical release, the OTT release was widely advertised on social media. If cut, it is now left in the prime for 20 days. When a movie is released like this, after saying a word first .. after that, if it starts releasing in OTT earlier than expected .. people will lose faith .. opinions are being expressed that it will reduce the number of people coming to the theaters in the future.

He also said that in the case of big movies, there should be a gap of at least a month between the theatrical release and the OTT release. In fact, ‘Vakil Saab’ was supposed to be released in theaters a month later, but the situation has changed rapidly in the last few days. Information that the movie will be released in Prime shortly before.



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