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‘RRR’ is scheduled to come out on July 30, 2020, NTR new interview about RRR

'RRR' is scheduled to come out on July 30, 2020, NTR new interview about RRR


The new release date for RRR

The movie ‘RRR’ is scheduled to be come out on July 30, 2020. But earlier shooting was postponed to January 8, 2021 due to the delays because of corona. The release date have changed due to Corona and stopped shooting last year. After Confidence has came in the film crew when the shooting resumed and the work was in full swing. The new release date for RRR is October 13.

The shooting of the movie RRR have delayed due to Corona

This time the new release date was announced after a careful consideration and feasibility. But after that date, things got very awkward again. The movie schedules did not go as planned. Other causes, including  Alia has affected with corona. Meanwhile the corona second wave have also came and went. The shooting of the movie must have stopped. There are only five months left until the movie’s release date announced by the film crew. The shooting of the full film is not over yet. Also the Post production should be done after that. Dubbing for different languages, and other programs must be completed. In this context, the RRR could not makes it’s release on October 13. Everyone says that ‘RRR’ may not come even by the end of this year. But Junior NTR, one of the lead protagonists of the film, is optimistic about the release of ‘RRR’ on October 13.


NTR’s new interview about RRR

NTR spoke about ‘RRR’ as a part of an interview with Deadline, an international publishing house. NTR said that their journey towards the film has started in November 2018. However, due to the Corona, they had to stay away from the film work for almost eight months. And they have been working on the RRR for 19 months till now.

NTR said it was not surprising that the film took so long to meet the ‘RRR’ standards, especially as the action scenes in the film were massive. NTR also says he is very optimistic about release of the film in this October. If NTR words come true, There will be no better news than this if ‘RRR’ comes on October 13th?

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