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What is the secret behind the views of teaser Akhanda

Everyone is going to be shocked to see the response coming on YouTube to Nandamuri Balakrishna’s new movie Akhanda Latest Teaser. Released on the 13th of this month under the title Akhanda Title Roar, this teaser has been getting unbelievable views on YouTube since day one. The teaser has already reached 45 million views.

Receiving the 50 million mark soon also seems like a formality. Usually a day or two before any new teasers are released. Views will decrease after that. But Akhanda Teaser has been on the same aggression since day one. More and more views are on the rise. It is a surprise to everyone that this level of views has come to a children’s film. It is noteworthy that Akhanda Teaser has surpassed the records of big films like Bahubali, RRR and Saho.

Everyone is amazed at how crazy Mary is, despite the boyish pairing with Boyapati Sreenu. With nothing to do with the teaser Mary Sensation itself, people began to wonder what was the secret behind these views. As a result, it’s known that this teaser is being promoted in the form of ads. That is why the producer has to spend a lot. These days, the movie business is also booming due to the response to teasers and trailers.

In addition to the craze for the Balayya-Boyapati combination, the teaser is trending well on social media, but it seems that the producer has promoted the teaser at a good cost to the film in terms of business. It is for this reason that Akhanda Teaser says those views. Teasers of children’s past movies, views for the trailer .. Compared to the views for the title Roar, it does not seem to be true.



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