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PUBG Mobile Will be launched as ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ instead of ‘PUBG Mobile India’, Check details

PUBG Mobile Will be launched as 'Battlegrounds Mobile India' insted of 'PUBG Mobile India', Check details

Latest update about PUBG Mobile India

The Indian version of  PUBG Mobile was commonly named as “PUBG Mobile India” from the last few months but according to the latest information the tittle of this game will be  Renamed as “Battlegrounds Mobile India” in the future. Gemwire gets this new information when looking into the source code of the official website of PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September due to some security issues, and soon afterwards, PUBG Mobile India was announced as a replacement to the global version in inda. This new name was developed specifically for the Indian gamers and fans, similar to existing games like PUBG Mobile KR and Game for Peace, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

After the announcement of PUBG Mobile india, a new website and social media handles for this game has surfaced in the internet. The background image on official website shows the message “PUBG Mobile India, Coming Soon” and has flickering diyas to symbolize the Indian variant of the game.

Gemwire did new research on the official website of pubg mobile and found out some important changes in the background image. Their team has analyzed the source code behind and found some links to a new creative-asset added to that website.

A new poster was found on the official website, According to it, the name of this indian version has been changed to ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ in that image. A “Coming Soon” message was also included below the name. This could be another video made private in their collection on Vimeo channel with a new thumbnail.

This change could mean that PUBG Mobile India is being renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India. The importance of this potential change could not be speculated as of now, but after a recent trailer leak from the social media handles of PUBG Mobile India, it could be assumed that the PUBG Mobile India may undergoing some new changes.



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