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The Gambling Of Telecom Companies. Do you know why rech Plan is available only for 28 Days?

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I hope that anyone reading this would definitely be a subscriber of either Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, or something else. Today I will tell you how the telecom companies are making billions by small Gimmick.

Generally, we all need to subscribe to a plan, provided by the operator in order to utilize the services provided by them. Then you have definitely come across the recharge plans provided by them and I’m sure you have missed something, which I will make you understand now.

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Basically, The telecom operators charge some ‘X’ amount for 28days. Here is some interesting thing you missed. There are 365 days in a single year. If you observe “365 / 28 = 13″. I hope you got it now, If not let’s give a look at this calculation.

Every month they are skipping 2days and alternate months they skip 3 days. which means>>>>>>2*6(months) +3*6(months)= 30days. It is clear that they are making one more extra month here, Every user is making 13 recharges, instead of 12 recharges for a single year.

You think it’s just one more extra month, but the thing which is unnoticed is

On average if Airtel charge 153 per month has a subcribers of 35,39,00,00. Then they make 35,39,00,000 * 153 = 5,415 crores

Similarly JIO makes a sum of 143.6 * 429,500,000 = 6168 crores

Similarly Vodafone makes a sum of 109 * 269,200,000 =2934 crores

This is how telecom companies make billions by playing a small gimmick with their subscribers. Hope you understand now. Don’t forget to comment your opinion below.



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