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Jathiratnalu-2 is not a lie, The work is under process for the sequel…

Jathiratnalu-2 is not a lie, The work is under process for the sequel...

Jathiratnalu the biggest hit

‘Jathiratnalu’ is one of the biggest hits released in Telugu theaters after the Corona out break. Released as a Shivratri gift on March 11, the film was a huge success. All the films in the competition were went down. Its looks like a small film but .. if you look at its revenue, it should be considered as a big film.

The sequel Jathiratnalu-2

The sequel Jathiratnalu-2 was discussed during the film’s success celebrations. Director Anudeep kv himself has announced that Jathiratnalu-2 will be on one stage. However, it is common to say that the sequel is for promotions in the new movie release .. and then put it aside. There is no doubt that Jathiratnalu, which does not have a big story, will be stretched again.

But director Anudeep kv and producer Nag Ashwin are reportedly very serious about the sequel Jathiratnalu-2The sequel would soon fall into action without taking up much of a gap. It is known that Anudeep kv has given his commitment to make the next film of ‘Swapna Cinema’ which gave him a big break. Preparations are under process to make ‘Jathiratnalu-2’ as a part of that commitment. Script work is currently on progress.


So there is no guarantee that magic will work out all the time. Such comedy does not always work. Once again it may not be possible to drive a cart with such a silly story. This time it is better to make the story a little more logical and strong. As well as making sure there is no disappointment when it comes to fun. And we have to see how Anudeep kv overcomes this challenge.



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