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Go Fashion IPO: What Grey market suggests on subscription opening. Should you buy these or not?

Go fashion Ipo is currently at a peak of 560rupees today, which simply means Gmp expects that Go fashion shares would reach a peak of 1250rupees(according to Market observers).

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Compared to yesterday its price increased 30rupees higher today, and it can go with the same flow say, market observers.

The IPO of Go Fashion opens for subscription today and it will be kept open till 22nd November, the people interested in this IPO can bid for the next six days. Go fashion IPO public issue worth is around 1013.61 crore. These shares are trading at a premium of 560rupees.

As mentioned above, it is going with a good rise, the share of Go fashion is worth 560 rupees, which is 30rupees higher from yesterday’s GMP. On Monday, the IPO has jumped with a rise of 100ruppes. GMP Share market started with 430rupees on Monday morning on completion of day end it’s price is around 530rupees.

What Experts says?

The expert’s advice for bidders is to give a look around the company financials instead of grey market premium, The suggest as premium is not guarantee for listing gain. so one should look at the financial status of the company before investing in it.

So, the experts conclude its better to go with balance sheet instead of blindly going with grey market premium.



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