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15 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies remain unsold, 12 million boxes that never left the baking warehouses.

15 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies remain unsold:

The Girl Scouts of the US organization said Tuesday, 15 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies remain unsold. For many people residing in the US, Buying cookies of Girl Scout have become a much and long-awaited yearly tradition. But, the organization Girl Scout cookies is faced with a serious problem this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Millions of cookie boxes remain unsold. The organization said to CNN in a statement. “It’s exceedingly rare to have significant extra inventory but our cookie program is greatly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic, despite demand for the cookies is still remains strong,”

Girl Scouts said. Typically, per year Girl Scouts sells just under 200 million cookie boxes or around $800 million worth, according to the organization statement. This season’s sales numbers have yet to be calculated, but, all the cookie boxes have not been sold as of June. There are about 15 million boxes of unsold cookies in surplus at Girl Scouts of the USA this year, with about 12 million cookie boxes that never even left the baking warehouses.

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Rebecca Latham said about unsold Girl Scout cookies:

The CEO of Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Rebecca Latham said her council had about 22,000 boxes left unsold at the end of the selling season in late spring, even after the girls tried new and innovative selling methods like contact-free delivery and drive-thru booths.

She also said that they sold over 805,000 boxes of cookies last year, But this year, they sold only under 600,000 boxes of cookies. The council may not be able to invest in improvements of infrastructure at its camps or fill some positions of staff due to this shortfall.

An eight-year-old cancer survivor sold Girl Scout cookies for about 30,000 boxes. She’s doing this process to help the fellow childhood warriors of cancer doesn’t mean that every council of the region had an extra surplus of unsold boxes, though. Central Texas Girl Scouts, for example, told CNN they did not come to experience an overstock of boxes.

Girl Scout cookie season isn’t just when you get to buy cookies :

Parisi said councils and bakers have many times experienced this state with excess inventory before because of the events of bad weather like tornadoes or ice storms. But this stage is unprecedented. She also said some pivots, like the Grubhub partnership, are likely here to available. But girls are also waiting to get back to their booths by next year.

She said “Girl Scout cookie season isn’t just when you get to buy cookies, It’s interacting with the girls. It’s Americana.”

Source Credits : CNN, npr, abc7



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