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Petrol prices. Liter Petrol for Just One Rupee In Maharashtra. Check-in For Full Story.

We all know there is a rapid increase in the rate of petrol in the past six months. Petrol price falls at just One rupee for a liter in Maharashtra. Most of you think it is Fake news but it’s not. Let’s get dive into this for a detailed story.

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Petrol Prices, Liter Petrol For One Rupee In Maharashtra.

Mumbai: Maharashtra Cheif Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s son Aditya Thackeray is an Indian Politician serving as Cabinet Minister of Tourism of Environment for the government of Maharashtra. He was born on 13 June 1990, On account of his birthday, his fans offered liter petrol at the worth of one rupee in a petrol bunk in Thane.

As soon as this went viral, people started queuing up for petrol for that petrol bunk in Thane, And the queue headed up for more than one kilometer. Which resulted in traffic jam across the road. Watch the video to know the scenes from petrol bunk.

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Oil Companies Increase Their Petrol Prices Again.

Meanwhile, Oil companies have again increased to 0.29-0.31 paisa. These are the petrol prices after a hike in the prices in some states.



Chennai-97.69 rupees.


Increase in prices impacted on public, as most of them were unhappy with BJP government. For the frequent increases in the petrol prices. What are your views in the petrol prices comment below.



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