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The Entire Car Got Swallowed by Sink Hole. Watch Video.

Mumbai: We are aware of the incident of Malwani house which caused due to heavy rainfall in Mumbai. Another astonishing incident took place in Mumbai. The entire car got engulfed in a sinkhole at Ghatkopar in Mumbai.

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An Incredible incident took place in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. Kiran Doshi who lives in the Ghatkopar has parked his car in the parking lot and went home. When he came back in the morning he was surprised because there is no sign of his car. His car was missing as usually everyone thinks it might get stolen, but the entire scenario was different and unbelievable. The car got engulfed in the hole and this is came to known by the CCTV of one of the residents, In the visuals, it is very clear that the car got sunk in the hole. Then Kiran called the police, and in addition to them, the BMC team and crane has reached the spot. BMC team deployed the water from the pit and the crane has recovered the car.

Watch the viral video of car sink.

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Reason for Car Sink.

According to the local police, In the past there is a well. Which has been covered by the society people for a parking lot. As the rain is heavy for the past 4 days. This resulted in land subsidence and the well was revived and the car got sunk.

The well is a century old with an depth of 40-50 feet. No casualty took place, But car needs a repair to get restored to normal condition.



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