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Zika Virus First Case Reported In Pune, Maharashtra.

Zika virus

Zika virus’s first case has been reported in Pune district, Maharashtra. It is reported in 50-years-old women from Belsar village.

Purandar tehsil was infected with Zika virus, Purandar is suffering from fever for the past few days i.e mid-July and the results confirmed that she is tested positive with zika virus and chikungunya.

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Besar village is around 3500 population in which few are suffering from fever and illness for the past few days. A team from the National Institute of virology has visited and collected 41 samples from people suffering from fever. This is done under the guidance of Dr. Yogesh Gaurav.

zika virus
Niv team in Besar.

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What National Institue of Virology confirmed?

The NIV team visited the Belsar and Parinche village between 27 – 29 July and collected blood samples of 41 patients. Out of 41 samples collected from Besar and Parinche, 25 tested positive for Chikungunya, 3 with Dengue, and 1 with Zika.

Zika virus Symptoms and affects.

Zika virus symptoms are like body ache, retro-orbital pain, conjunctivitis, and skin rashes. The woman is suffering from symptoms for the past 15days. She has tested positive with Zika virus and chikungunya infection on July 30, her daughter also suffering from chikungunya fever, while her son didn’t have any of the infections- said Dr. Awate.

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The NIV team has taken the required necessary measures around a 5km radius from Belsar district, in view of Zika virus and the infection is caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also results in dengue and chikungunya. The district administration urged people not to panic, everything will set alright.



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