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Women Scams Around 7.2 Million with Her Son And Daughter. Arrested After Three Years.Don’t Fall For This Type Of Scams.

Women Scams Around 7.2 Million with Her Son And Daughter. Don't Fall For This Type Of Scams.

A woman scams around 7.2 million with her son Prasad and daughter Divya. Coming into the story A woman named koppula Ramadevi from Bejwada scams around 7.2 lakhs from innocent people stating that she can offer Government jobs. Their motive is to trap people who are optimistic about government jobs they approach them in the way stating they offer them government jobs, Her son and daughter been involved in the scam in cheating people, and these family scams people in a way that the victims get no doubt on them.

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Woman scams around a sum of 7.2 million:

Rama Devi has scammed around a sum of 7.2  million from people belonging to different districts of the coastal area, the victims of Rama Devi are from kanuru, mailavaram, penamaluru. The women used to reach people and charges a sum and she used to give fake appointment letter to the victims and she is used to vanish by the time victim notices they lost their money, She also frauds around 28 lakhs from a woman in mailavaram in the name of real estate business in 2019. The woman after knowing the truth files a complaint in the penamaluru police station the cops have arrested her after three years.  

The Court Imposed a 14days Remand On Rama Devi:

The court issued a remand of 14 days on Rama Devi in the case of Indian penal code-420, As Prasad and Divya are run away and police in search of them and they are trying to locate them with help of call record. The police told that soon they will be caught and money will be recovered.

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There are many people in the society with an id of fake identity it totally depends on you, whether you trust them or not, before trusting once think about are they really capable of doing this, achieve your goals with hard work, not by the backdoor. please stay alert and never ever don’t fall for frauds.



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