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Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/64 Bit Free, Features, price, Release Date, System Requirements

Windows 11 ISO File Download:

In this article, you will be getting the details about how to download Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit Version with direct links. The Microsoft Win 11 ISO Build Release Date. The Detailed look into Windows 11 System Features, Requirements, Installation Guide, How to Upgrade from Win 7, 8, 10 to latest Windows 11.

Windows 11 2021 The wait is over:

One of the most anticipated things of 2021 is windows 11. Microsoft is about to announce the brand new windows 11 on June 24th at the scheduled event before that early developer build Windows 11 is already here.

Here is the first look at the upcoming or windows 11 and in this article, I’m going to walk through the top features and changes of a windows 11 that are going to change the overall look of windows 10.

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How to Upgrade from Win 7, 8, 10 to the latest Windows 11:

Before talking about the features, I want to talk about the good news of the windows 11 update, according to xd8 developers, those who are running windows 7 8 or 10 with an officially licensed key from Microsoft are going to upgrade to a windows 11 for free of cost. this is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft at their event.

Microsoft will release new licensed keys and software for all existing users of Win 7, 8, 10. Both 32 & 64-bit versions so the user can upgrade to Windows 11 after the official release.

“We have provided the step by step process to upgrade from windows 7 8 or 10 to windows 11 Below”

Windows 11 2021 features:

Now let’s get into the part of the features the moment if you are done installing windows 11 it’s going to show you the brand new and updated welcome screen that tells the user to create the user account and activate the things like location diagnostic services and more.

The new windows 11 welcome screen has been completely redesigned from scratch, Microsoft is taking Windows 11 to the next level they have done a lot of visual improvements to the system UI.

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Windows 11 the brand new taskbar and start menu:

At first, we talk about the new Windows 11 taskbar and start menu, one of the biggest changes of windows 11 is the brand new taskbar and start menu by default. the taskbar items are moved to the center and there is an option in the setting that you can still customize the taskbar alignment, tapping on this icon shows the start menu and this is the brand new start menu which looks super cool.

Windows 11 start menu is divided into three sections:

On the top right there is an option to view all of the installed applications. this new start menu is divided into three sections the top section shows the pinned applications which are user-customizable.

and the center section is the recommended section which provides suggestions about the recent changes that happened in the system the bottom section shows the user id and power button now overall I would say the all-new start menu is easier to use compared to Windows 10.

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Windows 11 ISO File Download 3264 Bit Free, Features, Release Date, System Requirements

Windows 11 new search bar and workspaces:

it’s time to talk about a search now just like a spotlight in mac os. Microsoft has done a lot of things to all new search to improve its capabilities beyond you imagine, you can almost search anything on the system as contacts ask about the weather perform some calculations and search for any file.

And more next to the search bar there is a new icon now Microsoft is calling a task view aka workspaces with windows 11 the workspaces are getting an overhaul. thanks to the brand new horizontal workspaces that are very easy to navigate across the system.

Tapping on this icon reveals the apps from that workspace you can quickly glance through all of the opened applications, you can also create a new workspace by clicking on the new desktop.

These workspaces are super fancy and give the true power to an end-user to organize the applications according to their workflow also there is a “keyboard shortcut like holding a control plus win plus arrow keys switch between the workspaces”

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Windows 11 all-new widgets panel:

You might have seen in the latest build of Windows 10 with Windows 11 Microsoft is calling it a widget. the new section shows all the information and cards about your interest it’s very similar to a google card feed on android and there is no option on this build to add any app widgets like clock screen time which is kind of a bummer.

We have to wait for the official event of windows 11 and see what Microsoft is going to say a word about this all-new widgets panel, I would say Microsoft should inspire from mac os and provide a way to add a real widgets that are most powerful and useful to an end-user.

With windows 11, many default applications are going to have a new look. the applications like settings, Microsoft store, and many other applications are getting a new design language

Windows 11 new file explorer with new icons:

the all-new file explorer now there are some new icons added to the frequent folders also there are rounded corners added to the edges of each window. that looks super cool also at the bottom a very light dark shadow added to the application.

Windows 11 action center also got a few designs changes the new system toggles at the bottom look more natural and notice the rounded corners at the edges of each toggle.

The improved blur effect the dark mode in windows 11 is simply magnificent. the things like the start menu taskbar action center and default applications look super fancy.

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Windows 11 ISO File Download 3264 Bit Free, Features, Release Date, System Requirements

Windows 11 new the all-new snapping experience:

We all know that windows are one of the best operating systems out there in the market that allows the user to snap the applications on the screen side by side. with Windows 11, Microsoft is going to take the all-new snapping experience to the next level.

Inside any application hovering on the maximize icon shows a way how you snap or align the application on the desktop. also notice that a blur effect while snapping the applications manually with all new snapping tools, you can tell the system how you want to snap the application and the system does it for you.

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Windows 11 support Android Apps:

The new Microsoft Windows 11 comes with support Android Apps, the beta version of Windows 11 will roll out next week.  Microsoft may include premium features to the paid version of Windows 11.

Is Windows 11 coming out?

Windows 11 release date

The final version of Microsoft Windows 11 May available from November. while the free upgrade process going to roll out in late 2021 which will continue in 2022.

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit:

Users can now download Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit for Free from the Microsoft official portal for free initially. we have also provided the direct links to download the new Windows 11 ISO File. the user experience in the new windows 11 was reached to the next level.

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Windows 11 system Requirement:

  1. 4 GB RAM or more
  2. 64 GB Hard disk space or More.
  3. 1 GHz or faster processor with 2 or More Cores or SoC
  4. Monitor with 1280x720p HD resolution 9″ more
  5. System Firmware: UEFI
  6. Trusted Platform Module (TPM): TPM 2:0

How to Install Windows 11:

  1. Download the Windows 11 ISO file directly from the official website or links below
  2. Move the iso file to a 16 GB hard disk drive or pen drive.
  3. make the Drive or Pendrive Bootable (refer to google or youtube to know how to make Pendrive bootable).
  4. Boot the system with Pendrive, Windows 11 will be flashed click on the start button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Windows 11 installation will begin.
  7. Choose time, language and other options.
  8. Choose Install now.

Features of New Windows 11:

  1. The New Start Menu, Task Bar has been set up
  2. Round corners will be seen in Windows 11. they have replaced pointed corners.
  3. Trendy and new icons have been added this time.
  4. New animations have also been part of Windows 11 SE.
  5. might experience the best in sound.
  6. New widgets have been introduced.
  7. Split screens and creating various groups in windows 11 have also been added.

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These are some top features of Windows 11 we know. other features include a new ink faster performance, brand new system animations, new icons, brand new media controls, and more so what do you guys think about the upcoming or windows 11 so let me know in the comment section



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