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Why many critiques for Jatiratnalu?


Jatiratnalu’ is one of the biggest hits from Telugu after the Corona break. Anudeep made the flop film ‘Pittagoda’ with comedy heroes like Naveen Polisetti, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. The film got good hype before its release. 

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Housefulls fell to the film on the level of big movies. Unexpected collections came. The movie lasted for two to three weeks. Aura seemed to be earning more than Rs 30 crore per share. Everyone who has seen the movie in theaters has spoken positively about it. He said that there is no movie that has been so funny in recent times. Even though the story lines are silly .. all those who saw it said that comedy has no dhoka and we had a good laugh. Reviews also came in positive. Those who could not see the film in theaters were waiting for the OTT release. The movie came into Amazon Prime within a month of its theatrical release. 

But many of those who have seen the film on OTT are lip service. This is a silly movie Raw Nayana is being posted on social media. It has become a big topic of discussion on Twitter and Facebook. If someone posts that the movie is not good .. many people are expressing the same opinion under it. 

Audiences are being blamed for giving such a big success to a film like this. Criticisms are also heaped on the ‘national gems’ team. However, the question arises as to what is the contradiction between the opinion of those who have seen the film in the theaters and the opinion of those who have seen it in OTT. 

But the feeling of watching some movies in theaters is different. ‘Jatiratnalu’ is one such film. Josh who is watching this movie amidst the huge crowd noise in the theaters .. is not alone when watching this movie as a com. We laugh together with everyone regardless of the logic in the theaters. After one step, the story has no idea what is going on. But looking for logicians in OTT .. thinking what this scene is so silly can make a difference.



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