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Laker’s Alex Caruso got arrested on marijuana possession charges in Texas.

Alex Caruso got arrested in Texas:

According to the reports, The 27-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso was arrested in Texas on Tuesday by A&M University police. Based on the arrest records Alex Caruso was arrested on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana. Shortly he was released after posting a bond of $3,000. 

Alex Caruso charges listed on the Texas jail records website:

Alex Caruso was arrested in College Station, where he attended college, for possession of marijuana under two ounces and drug paraphernalia. Caruso’s mug shot was posted on the internet, and his charges are also listed on the website of Brazos County, Texas jail records. The records show that Alex Caruso was released on a fine of $552. But Lakers declined to comment.

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Laker's Alex Caruso got arrested on marijuana possession charges in Texas

Why Alex Caruso got arrested?

According to the report by KBTX in Texas, At Eastwood Airport TSA officials identified a marijuana grinder with residue among Alex Caruso’s possessions. While marijuana has been decriminalized in California, where Alex Caruso resides throughout the year, laws against it still maintained in Texas.

A&M Police Department of Texas about Alex Caruso arrest:

According to a report by ESPN’s Ramona Leor Shelburne had spoken with Lieutenant Bobby Richardson of the A&M Police Department of Texas.

Richardson told Shelburne that around 2 p.m at McKinsey Airport Alex Caruso tried to board a flight, which is located on the A&M campus. The Security and Transportation Administration found a herb grinder that contained marijuana when searching Caruso’s bags.

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Actions and Charges for possession of marijuana Texas:

The possession of marijuana less than two ounces is a class B misdemeanor and punishable in jail for up to 180 days with a fine of $2,000 In Texas. for the paraphernalia charge Alex Caruso had paid a fine of $552. further details about the incident are unclear at this point.

About Alex Caruso and Family:

Alex Caruso was born in Texas College Station, and his family still resides there. before going undrafted in 2016, Caruso played for the A&M Aggies of Texas from 2012-2016. Alex Caruso played with Oklahoma City Blue and the South Bay Lakers in the G-League.

Caruso was the first player in NBA who has came from the G-League via a two-way contract In 2017. Slowly he established himself as a key role player for the Lakers back in 2019 Caruso signed a two-year deal.

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Alex Caruso During the 2020 Championship Orlando:

During the 2020 Championship in Orlando, Florida. Alex Caruso was a huge piece for the Lakers, This season Caruso averaged with 6.4 points, 2.8 assists, 2.9 rebounds, and 1.1 steals per game. 

In the first round of the postseason On June 4 Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs of the NBA in six games by the Phoenix Suns. at the end of the NBA season, Alex Caruso is a free agent, and the Lakers have talked about re-signing him.

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In California Marijuana is legal for recreational use, but still remains illegal in Texas.

LeBron James Alex Caruso’s teammate had some fun about the news on Twitter.



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