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Twitter Gets a New feature to help its users know everything about the COVID vaccine, Check Details

Twitter introduces THIS feature to help users know everything about COVID-19 vaccine

The second wave of the deadly Covid is spreding Cheos in India, so the several countries have extended their help and resources to help the country fight this pandemic effectively. now Social Media Twitter has also come forward to help india to make people aware of the corona virus vaccine and push them towards the vaccinations.

Twitter has added a new feature in the apps timeline of users by which the users could get help about correct vaccine information. This feature appears in the app at the top of Twitter users feeds and this feature is available for both iOS and Android users. 

And also The Twitter said in a statement, “As COVID vaccinations become more widely available for all, we want you to have access to the latest vaccine news info  for all the users in your country. This week the users see a prompt in their timeline that links to sources about vaccination safety, and news from all public health experts,” as mentioned by the Zee Media Bureau.

The name of the feature is “Covid-19 Vaccines Know the facts”. To know about the details COVID-19 vaccinations, tap the link in the card which will redirect the user to Twitter events page which will inform the user about the twitter’s verified info on the vaccine from reliable sources.  

The page informs about the several questions about the COVID vaccination which aslo includes a vaccine effectiveness, side effects, all types of vaccines and variants, better advice for pregnant womens, and getting multiple vaccines at once, and many more.

This Twitter  new feature comes in the India’s third vaccination drive which starts from May 1 for the people aged at 18 and 45. The central government of india announced that it will starts  the vaccine registrations for all the above 18 years of age from April 28.



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