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Tiffin Bomb Containing RDX, 5 Hand Grenades, 9mm Bullets Found in Punjab.

Tiffin Bomb containing high explosive in addition with tiffin bomb, 5 hand grenades, 100 rounds 9mm bullets found in Dalake village under Lopoke Police Station in Amritsar, Punjab.

Tiffin bomb
Explosive set in a tiffin box.

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The state was on high alert on Monday i.e 9-Aug-2021, police officials have recovered a tiffin bomb which contained 2kg RDX, 5hand grenades, 9mm bullets from a village, It is suspected that Pakistan plans an attack in Punjab.

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Police officials said the Tiffin box bomb would have been carried out through a drone from Pakistan and dropped here in order to create an explosion.

Tiffin bomb-DGP Gupta Speaks about the Improvised explosive device.

Director-General of Police Dinkar Gupta said that bomb is either set with a remote device or timer mechanism, The tiffin bomb is known as an Improvised explosive device (IED), Which was recovered in Dalake village under Lopoke Police Station in Amritsar.

DGP Gupta said that the former village sarpanch of Bacchiwind also complained about drone activities in some areas, police have started search operations in nearby villages after finding explosives, police started severe search operations near the border,

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Gupta also added these are used to target high-value people. However, we can’t conclude that whether it is used for target or else it is under transit state. We have taken all the required necessary actions in order to prevent upcoming disasters.


Found of IED at the time of Independence day made cops digging deep, It is a very severe problem as 2kg RDX can result in a huge blast, Anyone who reads this article from the north part notices such drone movements, kindly report such activities to the nearer police station.



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