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The Donations from Amazon, Facebook, Vivo, Oppo and Google to help India fight COVID-19

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The number of corona patients is increasing daily. The death rate is also rising. Several companies, including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Oppo and Vivo, have announced financial assistance to help India in its fight against corona. 

Amazon India said on Tuesday that it has provided 100 ventilators. 

It will be imported to the country immediately. It will be imported into the country by air.

 $ 10 million has been announced from Facebooks CEO to help india

Mark Zuckerberg said the company is working with UNICEF. The company will provide one million dollars. The company will be ready to help India until the corona in India is brought under control.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Rs 135 crore to help india

Apple CEO Tim Cook and India have announced a Rs 135 crore Indian origin to prevent the corona virus, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. The company and its staff will provide Rs 135 crore to support the efforts of India, UNICEF and other organizations.

Vivo announces Rs 2 crore to help india

Vivo India on Tuesday announced Rs 2 crore as help for Covid 19. This is going to help get an oxygen concentrator. We all have to fight this battle together, said Nipun Maria of Vivo India.

Oppo plans to donate 1,000 oxygenators to india

concentrators and bands to India Oppo plans to donate 1,000 oxygenators and 500 breathing machines to the Red Cross Society and the Uttar Pradesh government. In addition, 5,000 units have been asked to provide Oppo band style. The company will provide these machines to the hospital. Which is much needed

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