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Taliban Terrorists killed 21-Years-old Women For Not Wearing Veil.

Taliban terrorists again came up with an awful act by killing a 21-years-women for not wearing a veil in Afghanistan. This took place while the women was her on way to the Balkh district center. 

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Why Taliban killed woman? What is their motive?

Nazaneen was dragged out of her car by a group of Taliban’s and shot dead in the public for not wearing the veil. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has denied the claims

Balkh is a dangerous place in the north, where most of the Taliban are active and Afghan women are imposed with harsh laws.

Taliban killing women

These groups imposed very severe laws on women while they have 90% of Afghanistan under their control during 1996-2001. The laws are very strict with respective to women.

Women are not supposed to work outside, They should cover their bodies from face to toe, girls are not supposed to be educated.

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The women were allowed to come out in the presence of male relative only. They severely restrict girl’s education. In several regions, unaccompanied women are not allowed to purchase products from the stores. People who deny to follow their rules are brutally punished in the public.

According to Long War Journal, They control around 223 districts across the country, with 116 disputed and 68 held by the government.

Conclusion: We don’t know where this society is going. Even today prohibition of girls’ education is ridiculous. I don’t know when it will end, let’s hope it will end soon. What are your views on this brutal act, comment your views on this.



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