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SonuSood Fan Travels Around 1200kms on Cycle to Respect his Amazing works.

SonuSood the name is much familiar to everyone who lives in India. Everyone Knows the altruistic, kind-hearted Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, As his efforts which helped thousands of people during this pandemic made him a hero from reel to real. Recently a fan traveled across 1200kms to convey his admiration regards him for his tremendous work.

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The video has become viral within the minutes on various social platforms. From the video, we can see that Sonu Sood welcomed his fan with a sweet gesture o,utside his residence in Mumbai.

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SonuSood receives his fan and enquires about him.

As a gesture of respect, he presented garland to the real hero and showers the flowers on his feet, and shows his respect towards him.

Sonu Sood also enquires why he is barefoot and asks him not to take such risks, and says there is enough time to meet him after the pandemic. His fan base is not restricted to this incident itself, last week he shared the photo of another fan who walked from Hyderabad to Mumbai to meet him.

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Not only this one fan tattooed his face and name on his arm, another named his hotel with his name, some done health campaigns under his name. His charitable initiatives towards migrants made public to hail him as ‘messiah of the migrants’ last year during the lockdown.

He was also well known for his sweet gestures and how he helped during the pandemic, Even we should proud of him. Being a star also he would love to be have simple life.



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