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Saskatoon Explosion. One person reported being dead. What is the Cause for Massive explosion?

Saskatoon Explosion: An early morning explosion took place at Saskatoon on Saturday morning. The incident took place at 2200 block of Clarence Avenue South a few minutes before 4 a.m. As soon as the incident took place the police service and fire department has reached the spot.

Two police initially reported the scene of the incident, the fire department has sent the multiple fire incidents, the fire caught to the adjacent house. The police officers evacuated the residents as the fire is spreading to the neighbor’s house, vehicles in the north garage, and the property in the south also involved in the accident.

All the debris fallen to the basement, where the dead body of the victim is found says chief fire officer-Hackl, The fire crew has handover the body to cops and forensic has reached the scene, The Identity of the dead body is not known till now.

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Neighbor’s view on the Incident. Saskatoon explosion.

I thought we were hit by thunderstorm says neighbor who lives beside two doors to the house which exploded.

we all were asked to leave the houses, we all were in shock about what happened due to the sudden explosion.

I was awakened with the explosion and sirens wailing in the street says neighbor Adam Leontowich.

A shaken neighbor unreveals his name says, His house was involved in significant damage, the fence and roof of the building landed on his car.

Investigation regarding the house explosion has started and the forensic unit is on the work, Hackl says the parts of the house are spread over, There is a chance of natural gas explosion, and they have been told that a single person is living in that house, The probability of the natural gas explosion is more, Entire society was in deep sorrow due to this tragedy.

This is the scene of incident in Saskatoon.



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