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Sai Pallavi Rejects Pawan Kalyan’s Movie for Nithin, Latest Tollywood News

Sai pallavi to act with Nithin, Latest Tollywood News

Nithin the Young hero of Tollywood.

Nithin is one of the young heroes of Tollywood who can never show consistency in terms of success, Nitin who once appeared on a good swing with ishq, Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde movies .. then fluttered with a series of flops.

Nithin Seems to have come back with ‘aa’. But again the flops chased him. If you think he came back to form with ‘Bhishma’ last year .. he has taken two flops into account in the span of a month in the meantime. If the ‘check’ that came in February was completely disappointing, and ‘rang de’ that came after the check showed hit talk at the beginning and then cooled down. Eventually it also turned out to be a flop. Now the Nithin is comming with a new movie ‘Maestro’. The remake of the Bollywood movie ‘Andhadun’, we have to see what will be the result after the release. Also read : Prabhas ‘Radheshyam’ follow’s Salman Khan route?

Nithin is preparing for his next film.

While filming ‘Maestro’ is in its final stages,  Nithin is preparing for his next film. He is starting in a movie with Vakkantham Vamsi instead of ‘Power Peta’ with Krishna chaitanya as previously thought. ‘Crack’ producer Tagore Madhu is all set to produce the film. The film will be opening soon. 

Sai pallavi with Nithin.

It is said that ‘Sai pallavi’  will be acting with Nitin in the film. Vamsi is already convincing Sai pallavi by telling the story and her character. Sai pallavi’s answers to make this film gives the impression that there is something special about this story. She knows how selective she is in her choice of movies. Also read: What I mostly love in my movies says ‘Rashmika Mandanna’

Sai pallavi rejects a movie with Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

But because of some character issues or else she doesn’t have a dates. Sai pallavi rejects a movie with Power Star Pawan Kalyan . It is known that Sai pallavi will miss the remake of ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’. After saying no to Pawan kalyan, Nitin the Pawan fan, is happy that she say’s to his film. Also read : what would be the theme of “ssmb” 28th movie? SSMB 28th movie name?



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