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Ram Charan’s song leaked from the Movie ‘Acharya’

While the crazy movies are in the making stage .. Leaking the scenes and songs online is becoming a big problem lately. No matter how hard it is to have a smart phone in everyone’s hand .. the content of the movie is being exposed. 

This is a problem for many films from ‘Baahubali’ to ‘Vakil Saab’. Now the ‘Acharya’ team has been hit by the leak. A song came out of that movie. It is known that Ram Charan and Pooja Hegde are acting as a couple in this film. In the meantime a song was filmed along with some scenes on both of them. 

It has already been revealed that the name of the Pooja character is Nilambari. That name shaped your song. That sapphire has now been leaked online. It is not known who leaked it but .. everyone who listened to this song is commenting that it is very good. This is trending on social media right now. By now, Charan and Pooja Hegde had to finish shooting the whole part of ‘Acharya’ but .. the shooting was interrupted due to the second wave of Corona. 

Filming is yet to resume as Pooja Corona has turned positive recently. All those who worked with her also had to go to exams. Acharya is expected to be released on May 13. But in unavoidable circumstances the film must be postponed. An official announcement is expected soon. 

The film is likely to be postponed to June or July. Directed by Koratala Shiva, the film is being produced by Ram Charane along with Niranjan Reddy, head of Matney

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