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Prabhas new science fiction .. music will be out ?!


Prabhas new science fiction .. music will be out ?!

Srinivasa Rao, the director who surprised everyone by releasing experimental films in the days when technology was not so available. Vyjayanti Movies has recently officially announced that they have availed his services. Prabhas will act as the mentor for the upcoming big budget film directed by Nag Ashwin as the hero.

Music has been a big part in bringing such sci-fi stories to life on screen. He experimented with science fiction with ‘Aditya 369’ twenty years ago and impressed the audience. Atu Pushpaka Vimanam, Aditya 369, Bhairavadveepam, etc.

That is why Vyjayanti joined the team as a member, believing that his advice and suggestions would be useful with this film. He said that he was giving his own hints and suggestions to the film team. After that the music team wished the team on the occasion of his birthday and the film team expressed happiness that his creative ideas would be useful to them. 

But now the news is surprising everyone. The music is said to have come out of that team. It is heard in film circles that he dropped out of the project due to the creative differences that came with the core team. But it remains to be seen how much truth there is in this. Also Read : what would be the theme of “ssmb” 28th movie? SSMB 28th movie name?

Deepika Padukone is the heroine in this movie. The film opens with a fine sci-fi storyline. The film, which opens as a pan-India movie, is being screened with a sci-fi storyline. 

The film is being produced by Ashwini dutt on a huge budget under the banner of Vyjayanti Movies. Swapna dutt and Priyanka dutt are co-producers. Also Read : Ravi Teja to act in a Chiranjeevi story, check details



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