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Police Beating Man in Hospital, Video of a Man Being Beaten Brutally by Police Going Viral on Social Media, Check Full Story Behind the Viral Video

Police Beating Man in Hospital, Video of a Man Being Beaten Brutally by Police Going Viral on Social Media, Check Full Story Behind the Viral Video

Video of a Man Being Beaten by Maharashtra Police with Sticks Going Viral on Social Media:

Talking about it, A video has been circulating around social media and going viral, checking in the video a man is being beaten mercilessly by some Maharashtra police personnel with rods and belts, while the victim is pleading for mercy with folded hands and trying to give an explanation about something to the policemen, but they are not listing what he is trying to say instead continue to beat him with sticks and rods ruthlessly.

The Story Behind the Video of BJP Leader Being Beaten by Maharashtra Police:

According to a report given by Divya Marathi, the incident which was shown in the video took place inside a hospital in Jalna district, Maharashtra on the date of April 9, 2021. “The person in the viral video who is being beaten by the police mercilessly is a local BJP leader named Shivraj Nariyalwale”.
As per the local newspaper, On the day when the incident happened, The General Secretary of BJP Yuva Morcha named Shivraj Nariyalwale in Jalna came to know that a youth died at the private hospital while undergoing treatment. The relatives belong to the deceased youth accused the private hospital as he died because of their negligence. Shivraj Nariyalwale, along with their other activists reached the hospital and questioned the hospital administration about the death of the youth.
Shivraj Nariyalwale and their activists Angered over the negligence of the private hospital administration which leads to the death of the young person, the family members and relatives of the deceased youth got into an argument with the hospital authorities. This leads to a big argument between the two groups. Seeing the situation about the issue go out of hand, the hospital staff informed the police about the incident.

Senior Police Officers of Maharashtra Beat up the Local BJP Leader:

The police personnel of Jalna led by Sudhir Khiradkar the Deputy Superintendent of Police and Prashant Mahajan Inspector of Kadim Jalna police station rushed to the hospital after they received a call from them. After reaching the hospital, the police tried to compromise the relatives of the deceased youth. But the relatives did not accept the words of the police, and the police started abusing them. 
Shivraj Nariyalwale the local BJP leader took out his phone and started recording the police abusing the family members of deceased youth. This further irritated the police of Maharashtra and pulled out Shivraj Nariyalwale from the crowd and forcibly took him to another room, inside the hospital, and started beating him brutally with belts and rods as we can see in the video. This incident happened at the beginning of April, but the incident was not reported anywhere, because the BJP leader was too scared to come out in the open and narrate about the incident.

Video of BJP Leader Being Beaten by Maharashtra Police Came out 2 Months after the Incident, and Going Viral Across Social Media:

Recently, when the news came out about Sudhir Khiradkar the Deputy Superintendent of Police, has been suspended in a bribery case, the local BJP leader Shivraj Nariyalwale came out of courage and release the video of the incident where he was beaten up brutally and he also speaks up about the physical violence at him by Maharashtra police.
When speaking to Divya Marathi about the video, Shivraj Nariyalwale confirmed that the man in the video was him. and said  “I was brutally beaten by the police on April 9, 2021. At that time of the incident, the officers were not ordinary police personnel they are high-ranked deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and a senior police inspector. I felt helpless when so many police officers assaulted me ruthlessly together.”
BJP leader Shivraj Nariyalwale also said “Many people asked me why I remained silent these many days and not lodged a complaint against the police officers? I was really scared about it. The mental agony was more than the physical assault and injury made by them. But now I’m out of that mental stress. 
Ever since the video went viral on social media, I have received many phone calls from people. Some have expressed sympathy, and some have advised me to forget about the incident. But the violence made by them is unforgivable, and I will not remain calm now. I will file a case under IPC section 307 against those personals who had beat me inhumanely”,

The Similar Incidents by the Maharashtra Police and their Arrogant Misbehavior:

The Maharashtra police Misbehaviour which are working at the behest of the government of Uddhav Thackeray is quite well established. Speaking about such a similar incident, last year, the Maharashtra police had attempted to attack student activists which belong to Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad for protesting against the Shiv Sena-led Maha Vikas Aghadi government,

The student activists are protesting for demanding a fee waiver of 30 percent. Then, the activists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena wanted to meet Minister Abdul Sattar for urging about a fee waiver and also other demands by them, however, an all-out attack is launched by the Maharashtra police against the student activists, the police also punched a student in the face in the presence of the minister of Maharashtra, who was seen sitting in the car comfortably. 

And also similarly in November 2020, the police of Mumbai came down heavily on the workers of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) who are making a peaceful protest against the illegal crackdown on media and social media by the Maharastra Maha Vikas Aghadi government.



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