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Paytm cricket league 2021: How to Complete? Check My Winning Amount.

Paytm launches Ipl offer 2021, as usual for this IPL season. Most of the Paytm users don’t know how to complete this offer. But no need to worry, I will give you an in-depth clarity of the offer.

What is the Paytm cricket league? How to complete this offer?

Paytm cricket league is a game in which users must collect certain stamps or stickers by accomplishing the given task. This year it came with past year stickers but with different tasks.

These are the stickers and tasks, that one should complete get cashback.

Upper CutRent transfer of 2000/-
Helicopter ShotMobile recharge
Switch HitGas booking
Paddle ScoopCredit card bill
Hattricksend money to a friend
Yorkersend money to a friend
Doosrasend money to a friend
Bouncer send money to a friend
Fierce FiftyPay a merchant of 25
Super CenturyPay a merchant of 25
Five Wicket HaulPay a merchant of 25
Golden DuckPay a merchant of 25
Dugout For Activating Game
PowerplayOrder food online
Super overPay a merchant of 25
Out of the parkPay a merchant of 25
Timeout Gift one sticker to a friend
Reverse Directioncheck-in-for 7days
DrsPay a merchant of 25
Free HitPay a merchant of 25
BlinderAdd money of 500
Direct HitSet Auto top-up
SitterRefer friend
Butter FingersPay online Apps.

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Trick For Completing Offer. Winning Amount for completing offer.

The Best way to get difficult cards like powerplay, sitter, paddle scoop, switch hit can be got by gifting cards to new users. Just gift cards to new friends who are not active in that offer.

The winning Amount is up to 10,000. But this time Paytm is not giving as every time. I have completed the offer for which I got only 85rupees. But it won’t be the same for all. Just give it a try and check your luck.

Paytm cricket league telegram channel:

Here are the links to some Telegram channels where you can join to collect the cards and can share your extra cards to get a new cards.

🔔WARNING: Never share your personal details and never pay anyone to collect the cards and we are not responsible for any money loss or personal loss from this groups we recommend always buy cards vaya admin(dva).

If you need any card or help with getting any card just add a comment below our team will share the card or help you get the card.

Paytm cricket league telegram channel 1: https://t.me/paytm_cricket_league_offerss

Paytm cricket league telegram channel 2: https://t.me/paytm_crickett

Paytm cricket league telegram channel 3: https://t.me/paytmcricketleauge21



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