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Pawan kalyan’s ‘vakeel Saab’ out in OTT

Pawan kalyan's 'vakeel Saab' out in OTT

Amazon Prime has released the movie ‘vakeel Saab‘, the biggest hit in Pawan Kalyan’s career. After a gap of almost 3 years after going into politics, Pawan kalyan re-entered into movies with ‘vakeel Saab‘ and hit success. The movie is a remake of a Hindi film ‘Pink’, the film was directed by Venu Sriram and adapted to Telugu. and it was Released in theaters on April 9.

However, it is a pity that the original version of the movie was found on the internet due to piracy. It may not be a big loss to the producer but the original version will be released and viewed by the fans. This will definitely reduce the views on amazon prime.

In fact, the news that ‘vakeel Saab‘ will be streaming on Amazon two weeks after its release. Then Dil Raju put on a press meet and denied the rumors. 50 days later the film was told to stream on Amazon. Tira Kovid gave the film to Amazon Prime a month earlier than expected in the context of Second Wave.

Dil Raju changed his mind after the theaters closed and allowed the film to be released on Amazon prime 21 days after its release. However, there are rumors that Dil Raju has new implications for doing so. The film also signed an agreement with Overseas Distributors 50 days laterCorona on the one hand and piracy on the other are bothering ‘vakeel Saab‘.

Q & A

Is vakeel Saab a remake of Pink?

Yes, The movie ‘vakeel saab’ is a remake of a Hindi film named ‘Pink’.

Lead Cast of vakeel Saab?

vakeel Saab stars Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, and Shruthi Haasan alongside Kalyan  directed by Venu Sriram

What is the story of vakeel Saab?

When a three young women are implicated in a serious crime, a lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names.

vakeel Saab OTT release date?

vakeel Saab‘ will be streaming on Amazon prime video from 30 April 



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