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Oman Finds Advanced Ways to Fight Cancer. Which can be done In 10days.


Oman finds new ways to fight cancer, these new forms ensure faster recovery, as well as very less side effects. They used a process called the partial breast irradiation technique to treat breast cancer patients in the country.

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This process is found by the team at Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Centre (SQCCCRC).

This method uses photon beams as a virtual scalpel to remove cancer cells and ensuring healthy ones remain intact.


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The main advantage of this process is not requiring the introduction of instruments into the body. This non-invasive technique boosts the treatment and can be done in five sessions across 10days.

A member of the centre’s operational committee named Al Mandhari said “This technology is used only in the early stages of breast cancer. It also helps to reduce various side effects significantly, with clinical results identical to a full course of treatment.”

Hypo-SIB technique is another method employed, with a patient at SQCCCRC becoming the first to be treated in this manner at the centre. Under this treatment, patients are provided with both radiation and complement doses in the same session.

This helps to reduce the sessions of patients. This helps to recover from cancer from 30 to 15 sessions.

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Al Mandhari also added, “These two new techniques are considered the latest additions to our experience in treating cancer patients in Oman”.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Health in 2021, around 836 males and 1075 females were suffering from cancer in oman.

Out of them most of the women are suffering from breast cancer, The average age of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 48 years.


Finally, this invasive technique helps to get smiles in most of the families in Oman, Let’s hope to get this treatment available for every woman suffering from breast cancer.



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