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Racism Act in Madhya Pradesh. Woman Forced To Take Her Burqa and Hijab Out.

In modern India, it is really very sad to see such incidents across some parts of the country. The video resembles the perfect act of racism.

A Muslim woman got humiliated publicly by a mob and forced to take her Burqa and hijab. This incident took place in Bhopal’s Islam Nagar area in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. A group of men intercepted the girl travelling on a two-wheeler with a young. The mob believe that the girl is of different faith and forced her to take her burqa out, Even the youth tried to convince them to stop their acts, the girl tried to protest by crying, but still they not resisted.

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The group of men also filmed the entire act and posted it on social media, as seen in the video the young requests them to stop but they won’t listen to him and force the woman to show her face to the world. After the video went viral the cop has warned two men involved in that act, still, no FIR has been filed.



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