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‘Nagarjuna’ is planning to create his own OTT Platform, Check Details

'Nagarjuna' is planning to create his own OTT Platform, Check Details

The situation where audiences are afraid to come towards the theaters as the Corona Second Wave reaches an extreme level again. With this the OTT air started again. ‘Jatiratnalu’, which has created a sensation as a blockbuster movie this year, will be streaming on Amazon Prime from April 11, while ‘Uppena’ starring Vaishnav Tej will be streaming on Netflix from April 14. Netflix is ​​also streaming Nagarjunas ‘Wild Dog’ which is failed at the box office.  

In the same, ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ also did well in OTT. Power star Pawan Kalyan’s blockbuster movie ‘Vakil Saab’ is out in amazon prime video on 30 Apr. In this context, it is reported that Nagarjana is comming up with the idea that it would be good to have our own OTT platform.

it is rumored to be thet planning a new type of OTT Platform with some of his friends. Annapurna Studios is already gearing up to make short films. Nag plans to make at least half of these seven films from his own banner, to make offers to the film studio. These movies are for all OTTs. But why give it to other OTTs..if you have one of your own, you think that you can make movies at maximum speed. There are three heroes in their family. Nag says the idea is that if their films have their own OTT, they can ask for rights as part of the remuneration.

The Wild Dog performed better in the OTT and gives Nagarjuna an idea to focus on the OTT. For the first time, ‘Aha’ OTT has been giving a big pedestal to the regional language. Until then, ‘Aha’ OTT has ventured into the field of OTT, which is limited to movies and web series, along with interviews and many other new programs. It remains to be seen what will be new in the OTT planned by Nagarjuna. 



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