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Migrant Children In Texas. Moreover, 2000 migrant children detained in Texas in shocking conditions.

Migrant children in Texas are more than 2000. An investigation by the BBC has found over 2000 migrant children being detained in el pasoin texas in a Camp set up in Military Base. As per the staff working there, it came to know that most of the children are affected with the disease, And there is a shortage of clean clothes and medical care for the children.

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Migrant children in Texas.

Migrant Children in Texas are affected By Covid and Flu.

Tented camp holding thousands of migrant children. The white tents can be seen in the above picture, These tents are been set up on a military base. Where people aren’t allowed. But you can have a glimpse of it from the road. Staff working over there says that covid and flu have affected hundreds of children. Staff working there reveals that children are not yet treated properly. Sometimes they starve for food. The situation is really critical.

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Staff Working in the Camp Says.

There are very significant numbers of kids affected with covid. He also says quite children who are affected with covid are sent into tents and kept locked for few days, there is no proper treatment for the children affected with covid. Hundreds of children are kept under the tent. Who is affected with covid and other diseases like flu. Hundreds of children are marched together for food, Due to a huge amount of children the disease is spreading even faster.

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Children who stayed there and got reunited to their parents say.

The child who was reunited with their parents from that camp says that when they went to ask for medicine they used to give dirty looks at us. Children who leave tents are thoroughly checked, They used to get chicken which had blood on the meat, Even then they used to eat because their hungry made them eat. Due to that they often got sick, The camp is held with a desert climate, such that always dust and sand would enter the tents. Millions of the migrants tried to move to the united states. Most probably we have the worst conditions.

Credits: BBC.



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