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Michael Strahan’s ex-wife arrested for Harassing and Violating Order of Protection

According to police and reports, Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean was arrested on Friday for allegedly harassing her former girlfriend in New York.

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife arrested on Friday:

The host of Good Morning America Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean Muggli has been arrested on Friday for violating a former partner’s restraining order in New York. As per the NYPD and reports, Jean Muggli was charged with criminal contempt for violating the order of no-contact placed against her by ex-girlfriend Marianne Ayer.

Jean Muggli is Michael Strahan’s second wife. They got divorced in 2006. Michael has been on his holiday for the past few weeks now, and been posting updates with his fans on social media.

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Jean Muggli Violated Order of Protection:

Ayer claimed that Michael Strahan’s ex-wife started harassing her after the break-up with Muggli, Cops said that even though Ayer has an order of protection for Jean Muggli to stay away, She allegedly appeared at the Marianne Ayer’s Upper West Side home around 7 p.m. Friday.

Claims of Marianne Ayer on Jean Muggli:

Ayer Marianne filed legal documentation against Muggli in June, accusing her of grand larceny, harassment, disorderly conduct, coercion, and forcible touching, Ayer claimed that Muggli threatened her with a toy gun, saying that the gun was real. And abused her German Shepherd, shoving and kicking the dog. Finally, Muggli was arrested on Friday after showing up at Ayer’s house.

According to Six Pagethe claims of abuse were dismissed on Oct. 13. In his case of North Carolina, Strahan claimed that Jean was physically and emotionally abusive toward the teens, had failed to bring the teens to court-ordered therapy sessions.

The court says that they can’t be pursued legally anymore and claims were dismissed with prejudice. Although a source close to Strahan said the dismissal came after Jean “agreed to all terms” proposed by the former NFL player.

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Sophia and Isabella remain in New York until high school finished:

After the dismissal of abuse claims, the exes were settled on a shared custody arrangement. They will now divide the custody agreement of the two daughters in New York City. Strahan lives on the Upper West Side. Jean, living in North Carolina with the teens, agreed to get an apartment of the Upper West Side.

This will helps the twins to attend their Manhattan private schools as their both parents live in the same city. The documents of the court show that until Sophia and Isabella finish high school they will remain in New York City. They will alternate weeks living with Stahan and Jean.

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Michael Strahan’s ex-wife arrested for Harassing and Violating Order of Protection

Michael Strahan’s exes also have clashed over child support payments:

previously in 2019 Muggli brought a case against her ex-husband, saying that he owes her adjustments of cost-of-living and to increase her payments. the source from Jean’s side said that ” after Jean filed the case he continues to not pay child support more than a year. He agrees that he owed additional money but refuses to pay it.”

A source on Strahan’s side objected the claim and said that Jean “refuses to accept payment on adjustments of child support unless Michael agrees to do a modification in the terms of New Jersey Divorce that he continue to support payments for many years after the children reach adulthood.”

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Michael said about fatherhood:

Michael Strahan also has older children, daughter Tanita, 29, and son Michael, 26, shares with his first wife, Wanda Hutchins. He previously said about fatherhood during an interview: “My kids give me strength. I love being with the kids. To me, it’s all about family, now more than anything.”

Michael Strahan owns several properties but primarily lives on the Upper West Side in NY, close to the GMA studios.

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife arrested for Harassing and Violating Order of Protection

Jean shares twin daughters Sophia and Isabella with Michael:

GMA’s Michael Strahan’s twins model is fashion collection

New vacation post shared by Michael Strahan amid news of ex-wife’s arrest:

Michael often shares sweet videos with his teenage daughters on social media, and just a day after the arrest, posted a new vacation picture on Instagram featuring his beloved pet dog



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