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Mega star Chiru With Bunny Latest Tolly wood News

The expected announcement came to Rane. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s movie ‘Acharya’ has been postponed as expected. It was announced a few months back that the film would be released on May 13. But suspicions began last month that the film would not make it to that date. That is why the shooting was delayed. As usual, the shooting was delayed. In addition, the corona had a severe effect on the second wave unit. This must stop the shooting completely.

The film is expected to release in two weeks, but the shooting is yet to be completed. Majority of the theaters in more than two Telugu states are closed. Corona merging is increasing day by day. Under these circumstances the producers had no choice but to postpone ‘Acharya’.

Producers Niranjan Reddy and Ram Charan jointly announced the postponement of their film on Tuesday. “We are postponing the film due to some Serious circumstances. We will discuss and decide when the film will be released later, depending on the circumstances,” he said.

According to unit sources, the shooting balance for ‘Acharya’ is yet to come for another month. Even throughout May the chances of shooting are slim. If the shooting resumes in June, the talkie part will be over and it will take two months for the post-production to end. So in August but the movie is likely to be released. If the Allu Arjun movie ‘Pushpa’ is postponed from August 13, there is a possibility that the date will be used for the short film.



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