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Katy Perry Released a Pokémon Themed Music Video named ‘Electric’ Starring Pikachu

Katy Perry Released a Pokémon Themed Music Video named 'Electric' Starring Pikachu

Katy Perry’s new single release “Electric”.

There are so many ways to celebrate an events but, The Pokémon Company has found a way to celebrate the franchise’s 25th birthday, with an official single from Katy Perry is certainly one of the weirdest thing. 
Katy Perry’s new single release “Electric,” with a official music video featuring the Pikachu, is also an very catchy way to celebrate the anniversary of the company Pokémon.

What’s in the Music Video of Electric

This highly motivational video song uses the Pokemon Pikachu’s power as an excuse to say that the people always try to get you down, but “there’s no reason that our life can’t be electric”. 
The Music video shows Katy Perry and Pikachu going back in time and motivating a younger Katy Perry who also has a Pikachu to follow her dreams of becoming a great musician. It’s a very cute music video that combines the attractive pop song with adorable lovely Pikachu.
To be very honest, if they weren’t special cameos from some of our favorite Pokémon, it would be very difficult  to tell the Katy Perry’s song had anything to do with the company. And also, you could say it’s better to have a better song that barely scratches the Pokémon’s lore, than a music that potentially gets lost by trying to add too many characters and elements from the franchise.

Pokémon brand new anime season’s and remakes

Besides a good Pokémon song by Katy Perry, The Pokémon franchise is celebrating the 25th birthday of the cute monsters with a brand new anime season called Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series, it is to be released on this summer. A remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will also comes to Nintendo Switch later this year, and also a new open world RPG called Pokémon Legends: Arceus was also have recently revealed out with a teaser.


The Katy Perry “Electric” is available on all major streaming platforms. You can check the full list of platforms where to listen to “Electric”, have you watched the music video yet ?, do you liked it, what are your views on the katy perry’s new single comment down below 
Image credits – KatyperryVEVO

Check out the “Electric” official video below.



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