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Isro’s EOS-03 Satellite Fails to Reach its Orbit, Blast’s off due to Unusual performance.


Isro’s first launch of 2021 fails in the middle. Isro’s EOS-03 Satellite launched on Thursday, 12-August-2021. The launch took place at 0543Hrs IST. The Earth observation satellite (EOS) before reaching orbit, got failed due to failure in the cryogenic stage.

Isro’s “GSLV-F10 got failed after a flight of 340 seconds which is around (5min 40 seconds). The primary and secondary stages went well as expected, But in the final stage “stars are not in their side”,  Cryogenic engine (that burns liquid hydrogen and oxygen) failed to perform which resulted in blast-off.

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Isro said that role of the Cryogenic engine is to burn liquid hydrogen and oxygen, It starts to perform from 4 minutes and 56seconds after launch, and continues upto18minutes and 29seconds by which rocket gets ejected into orbit successful which is at 18 minutes and 39 seconds. Unfortunately, the rocket was hit by a glitch at 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

Isro Chairman About Rocket Failure.

Tweet from Isro regarding launch failure.

Isro chairman  Dr K Sivan confirmed the news at the end of Doordarshan broadcasting. He told that the “mission couldn’t accomplish due to technical anomaly in Crygoneic”. The ISRO, GISAT-1, or Earth Observation Satellite-3 was meant to provide near-real-time imaging of a large region of interest at frequent intervals, episodic events quick monitoring of natural disasters, disaster warnings, and also to obtain spectral signatures for agriculture, forestry, mineralogy.

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This is the second failure of GSLV, It holds about 2.5tons to space. The earlier failure was in the past i.e 2010. when the vehicle had exploded nearly after 45 seconds of launch. However, it is also notable that this was the third launch attempt of this satellite – the first two attempts in March 2020 and March 2021 were aborted.


Conclusion :-

In every field and every sector, there will be a failure. Unfortunately, it’s our rocket, As everyone knows that 2020-21 were disaster years, this failure has been added to that list, let’s hope them to succeed in their upcoming launch.



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