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is salman done better than bunny in citimar from Radhe?

After a few days of rush, the song ‘Citimar’ was released in Hindi today. This is the song in ‘Radhe’ directed by Prabhu Deva and starring Salman Khan. The super hit song ‘Citimar’ from the Telugu song ‘Duvvada Jagannatham’ was used as an agitator in Hindi Original composer Devisree Prasade also composed the song. 

‘Citimar’ glimpses were shown in the ‘Radhe’ trailer itself a few days ago. Now it is a privilege to release the song video in its entirety on YouTube. For a few days the film crew did not give the usual hype about this song. When the full song was finally released today .. the majority of those who saw it were lip service. 

Especially for those who have seen the Citimar song on ‘DJ’, it is not to their liking. Salman fans are praising him as super super but .. the average audience is not at all satisfied with Salman’s steps in this.

The dances performed by Salman in Hindi before the steps taken by Bunny in Telugu ‘Citimar’ became clear. No one was hoping that Salman would catch up with Bunny Speed. But if he thinks that Sloga will take good steps .. he sneezes. The step covered over the face of the t-shirt was too comedic. The expression given without the dance when the original Citimar was Citimar was also revealed. Comparing Salman and Bunny Steps, the videos are ready. 

These are trolling Petty Salman. Johnny Mastere, who composed the dance for the Telugu Citymar song, also composed dance styles in Hindi. But Salman did not seem to cooperate with him. Or it seems that he has simply tried to say that it is not because of Salman but .. in the swing dances in the song or the audience is opening their mouths. The heroine Disha Pathanine brought momentum to this song. The glamor along with her steps made the song stand out.



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