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Miami Building Collapse: Collapse left with One Dead, Injuries of 10, Rescue Operation is Still Active.

Miami Building Images.

Miami Building Collapse: A huge collapse took place in Miami today, the rescue operation is still active. A 12-stored residential Building partially got collapsed, which left with tens of Injuries and one was dead. The rescue operation is still active, Rescuers combing the rubble to get out the trapped survivors under the debris.

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Miami Building Collapse Coordinates, Time of Collapse.

The Incident took place around 02:00 (06:00 GMT) in the Town of Surfside in Miami. It was Unclear that how many were dead. The building is located at 8777 Collins Avenue as per the police.

Immediately after the collapse a police team along with 80 firefighters have reached the spot and started combing.

Image regarding collapse posted in Miami beach police twitter account.

Rescuers pulled out 35 people with minor injuries, people with major injuries have been sent to the hospital immediately.

Residents adjacent to the building were evacuated immediately after the collapse, The rescuers using a crane to pull out the people who got stuck in their balconies.

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Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett Says.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett says that it was a heart-wrenching movement, the fatalities would increase due to this huge collapse. The building was literally Pan-caked, 130 units of the building got collapsed.

Burkett said two people were brought to the hospital, In which one person was dead. He also told that 15 families walked out of the building on their own.

Burkett said he did not know how the collapse took place. Work is being done on the roof top. Hope it won’t be the reason for the collapse.

Miami building collapse.

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It Looks like 9/11. History of the Building.

The building was built in the year 1981, with more than 130 units. It was around 30 years old. Unfortunately, there was no sign of building now.

Aerial view of the building collapse.

Most of the people walked out of the building themselves. Jennifer Carr resident of the neighbor building was asleep and suddenly she heard a big boom which shooked her.

Carr says it was a devastation, I thought it was thunderstorm, I seen people screaming and running out.

A man who witnessed the collapse says “It looks like 9/11”. Referring to the Twin towers attack in 2001 in New York. People of Miami community are left sad due to tragedy.



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