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Man Uses Youtube, To Create Fake Currency. How To Identify Fake Currency.

This news is about the students from Youtube university, Don’t overthink about it, Just kidding. Recently a man had done an operation for pregnant women by seeing a youtube video, One more has done an explosive seeing youtube. As similar to this a man from Patancheru made fake currency using youtube and gets caught.

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How he made the fake currency? How he got caught?

Youtube had become the platform for learning fake currency generation, Raju is a resident of JP colony, Patancheru. Raju has printed the fake currency with the help of youtube and he printed 2000rs fake notes using a printer, which is purchased from Olx. While he was exchanging the fake notes in the Kphv colony. Police had caught him on the spot. It came to know that he had ordered a printer from Olx and starts printing fake currency and he claims youtube is the only source for him in making fake notes.

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How To Identify Fake Currency? Fake currency Detection.

Here is the way to detect fake currency accurately, To identify the fake currency cross-check the elements mentioned below.

  1. Seven angular bleed lines in the top left and right.
  2. Watermark of Mahatma Gandhi on the right side.
  3. A colour shifitng security thread in the middle.
  4. serail number printed on the right top and bottom left.
  5. Numerals of serial numbers growing big at the bottom left.
  6. Latent image of 2000 number, when the note is held by a 45degree.
  7. RBI governor signature with promise clause.
  8. Numerical written in Devanagari script on the left of Mahatma Gandhi.
  9. Ashoka pillar emblem, year of printing note.
  10. Swacch Bharat logo accompanied with slogan.

These are the 10 unique ways to Identify 2000rs notes, Please be aware of fake curreny and don’t be a part of inflation.

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