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Black Fungus Fear in Telangana. What is it’s Effect on Covid Patients.

Black Fungus Fear in Telangana. What is it's Effect on Covid Patients.


Black fungus terror in telugu states.

As we all know that entire world is suffering from the covid-19 from the past one year. As per now there is a tremendous increase in the cases with respect to India. And in addition from the past one week the cases regarding Black fungus had created more panic environment in both Telangana and  Andhra Pradesh. 

Detailed report regarding Black Fungus:

Black Fungus terrifies the Telugu states people as 2 victims who are suffering from black fungus are passed away who were admitted in “General Govt Hospital” Kurnool. The victims are native of  Anantapur and Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. They admitted in hospital as they we suffering from covid and their sudden death created a panic environment. 

In the districts of Nirmal, Khammam, Sircilla etc, cases of Black Fungus are found. And the people from other districts are admitted in Hyderabad, Gandhi Hospital. The reasons for Black Fungus are uncontrolled diabetes and long term usage of  Steroids. Whereas covid suffering people have less immunity which in result may lead to Black Fungus. In view of this the health department has arranged an “Nodal center” in koti ENT hospital. 8 people where admitted over the past week in which surgery for 4 people is done. The center is holding a capacity of 50 beds right now. 

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Effects of Black Fungus:

The effects of Black Fungus are frequent water from eye, Inflammation of eye, And even Blindness in the advance stages which is a severe concern. The doctors for this has been allotted who are conducting some meetings to take care of the patients.



The situation is in controlled and  which can be cured and treatment is available in the Nodal center which is situated at ENT hospital Koti. The main objective is to identify the people who are suffering from the Black Fungus to do surgery before the complication arises.

Image credits – Kerala Kaumudi



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