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Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass, New Features, Skins, Patch Notes

Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile Season 20 updates:

The Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile 1.5 July update will bring several changes and updates to the game, some of them like the replacement of the M249 Light Machine Gun, Changing the duration of Royal Pass to one month, New Erangel Mission Ignition Mode many other features.

Krafton has also released a video on their youtube channel about the detailed updates and patch notes of the latest 1.5 July update yesterday. you can check out the video below.

We have provided all the latest features and updates of the new Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile 1.5 July update Let’s have a look what are the changes made.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Date:

The PUBG Mobile Global update has already been released on 9th July and the Krafton announced on their official website that the Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update will be out on July 13.

Krafton on their official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India mentioned “We’d like to inform you of the schedule for the distribution of July’s update version on July 13th. Update version distribution starts from July 13th (Tue) at 19:30 (IST)

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Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile Season 20 Patch Notes:

New Firearms and Combat Improvements

M249 excluded from airdrops:

  • The M249 LMG will be excluded from airdrops and will spawn on the ground throughout the map in Classic Mode apart from karakin.

New Weapon MG3:

  • New MG3 Light Machine Gun will going to take place of M249 in air drops.
  • The New MG3 Light Machine Gun Uses 7.62mm ammo,and can hold upto 75 Bullets.
  • The fire rate can be adjusted to 660 or 990 rounds per minute allowing the MG3 to handle both stable continuous shooting and rapid spraying.
  • MG3 Light Machine Gun can take upto 6x Scope, and it doesn’t support no other attachments.
  • The reload time takes a little longer.
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New Quick Wheel:

  • To make easier to use Throwables/Consumables new Throwable and Consumable wheels have been added
  • Enable the Quick Throw feature in the settings. After enabling it, hold the icon of Throwable to use the new feature of Quick Throw.

Consumables can also been Thrown:

  • Players can now able to throw the healing consumables they are carrying. Thrown Meds can be picked up.

New Glass Windows:

New Ranking Improvements

New Tier Ace Master:

  • Ace tier is now subdivided the into Ace Master and Ace Dominator.
  • Added new rewards for the subdivided new Ace tiers.

New Tier Icons:

  • Updated the tier icons to enrich details.
  • Tier level-up effects have been updated.

Challenge Point System:

  • The Challenge Point system is a new set of rules used to evaluate actions of players in matches without changing the rules of original points of matches.
  • Get an extra bonus Challenge Points if you do not leave the match in between after the defeat, and specate your team mate, and for not eliminating your teammates for an entire match.
  • Players get extra Challenge Points for completing the first match of each day.
  • Challenge Points cannot be used to reddem when the maximum limit is reached.

New Season Screen:

  • The information on the Season screen has been adjusted.
  • Adjusted the effects of rewards are presented.
  • Added friends progress feature and reward growth lines.
  • The reward details screen has been updated.

Improve Season Reward:

  • Added rewards for Silver tier.
  • Increased the mini tier rewards.
  • Added rewards for the subdivided Ace tier.


New Modes

Erangel Mission Ignition:

Six major areas of Erangel are now changed according to military defense, transportation and logistics, energy utilization, and cutting-edge scientific research.

Georgopol as Port of Georgopol:

  • Georgopol has now become the logistics port.
  • Brand-new central command center and fully-automated warehouse has been added.

Pochinki as Transit Center:

  • Pochinki has now become the transit center for the island.
  • A new high-tech station and transportation system will be added here.
  • Travel on the city bus for an all new transportation experience.

School as Tech Center:

  • The school area is now turned into academic research and cutting-edge exploration center.
  • The scientific research results and latest technologies will be seen here.
  • There are many paths and structures and various unpredictable opportunities for confrontations.

Military Base as Security Center:

  • The Military Base is now become the Security Center.
  • Security Center is responsible for the security of the island and providing armed support.

Yasnaya Polyana as Logistics Agency:

  • Yasnaya Polyana has now become Logistics Agency
  • it become an important distribution center for supplies in Erangel.

Mylta Power as Energy Center:

​Mission Ignition’s Special Features

Dynamic Elements:

  • Automatic doors, Lifts, and other moving platforms will appear in the upgraded urban area.​


  • Logistics Agency has set up HyperLines on Erangel these will connect the various cities of the Erangel.
  • Players can use these hyperlinks to move between citys and locations.​

Air Conveyor:

Mission Ignition’s New Vehicles

Anti-gravity Motorcycle:

  • New Anti-gravity Motorcycle has been added
  • Anti-gravity Motorcycle has capacity of 2 seats and can be used to travel across the map.

Tesla Update

  • The new feature of the Tesla Self-driving Car will be expected to be live from July 9 to Sept. 6.

Tesla Self-driving Car:

  • Players of Mission Ignition will be able to experience Tesla exclusive content.
  • Self-driving cars will be produced at the Tesla Gigafactory.
  • The self-driving cars have an autopilot mode that can be activated on the highways.
  • The feature will automatically take players to the location of pre-set markers.

Tesla Semi Loot Trucks:


Updates to Royale Pass

Monthly Royale Pass:

  • Royale Pass is undergoing a huge change in this update.
  • Royale Pass will now become Royale Pass Month, and players can get exclusive welcome rewards after accessing it for the first time.

Time adjustments:

  • RP Season is now divided into 2 RPs each for one month.
  • The 2 RPs is devided as RP M1 and RP M2.
  • The 2 RPs will be launched one after the other in each version.

Price adjustments:

  • The price of the ordinary Royal Pass is 360 UC
  • The price of the Elite RP is 960 UC (1,200 extra points).

Rank reduction:

  • Adjusted the maximum RP rank to 50.

Season 20 RP Rewards:

Mission adjustments:

  • Duration of RP challenge missions Shortened to 4 weeks.
  • Reduced the game time requirement of RP.
  • Get bonus RP Points at the end of the season.

Extra rewards:

  • New rewards on every RP Rank.
  • Get a Voucher of (60 UC) when reached to high rank to use for next season.

Other adjustments:





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