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Amazon Web Services to retire one of its cloud computing services. Must check to avoid crashing.

Amazon Web Services to retire one of its cloud computing services must check to avoid crashing

Amazon Web Services to retire its EC2-Classic Networking:

AWS Cloud customers using the old EC2-Classic resources for powering apps need to review their accounts now.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will be going to shut down one of its oldest cloud computing infrastructure services, EC2-Classic. and warning its customers who are still using the service to review their accounts and move off the service to avoid application downtime.

AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote, “EC2-Classic has served us well, but we’re going to give it a gold watch and a well-deserved sendoff.” EC2-Classic has been launched with the release of Amazon EC2, but later amazon stopped the use of this service for accounts created after April 2013, at this point, it required users to launch instances of EC2 in a virtual private cloud (VPC) – logically separated section AWS.

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Deadlines coming up for all EC2-Classic users:

All the EC2-Classic instances run in a flat and single network that is shared with other users and customers. To communicate with the resources of AWS in a VPC, EC2-Classic required public IP addresses or tunneling made available at the time.

Jeff Barr says there are some deadlines coming up in the near months for the business which are still on EC2-Classic, the process will be gradual. He notes, “We are going to make this process non-disruptive and as smooth as possible. We are not planning to disrupt any workloads and we are giving you plenty of lead time so that you can test, plan and perform your migration from EC2-Classic”. 

Key Dates to note all EC2-Classic users:

Key Dates to note for all AWS users are October 30, 2021, and August 15, 2022. 

AWS will first disable the instances of EC2-Classic for accounts that have no active EC2-Classic resources in the region On October 30. and from that date, 1-year and 3-year Reserved Instances for EC2-Classic won’t be available to purchase from AWS. 

And by the date, August 15, 2022, AWS rechecks from all their users to confirm their migrations, or else migrations will be done. and after that, all resources of EC2-Classic will be removed from AWS accounts.

The customers of EC2-Classic should note that disabling the instance in a region is meant to be a “one-way door”, but Barr says “users can re-enable EC2-Classic for a region by contacting AWS Support.

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Amazon Web Services to retire one of its cloud computing services must check to avoid crashing

In order to fully migrate from EC2-Classic to VPC, you need to find, examine, and migrate all of the following resources:

  • Running or stopped EC2 instances.
  • Running or stopped RDS database instances.
  • Redshift clusters.
  • Elastic IP addresses.
  • Elastic Beanstalk environments.
  • Classic Load Balancers
  • EMR clusters.
  • ElastiCache clusters.
  • AWS Data Pipelines pipelines.
  • Spot Requests.
  • Reserved Instances.
  • Capacity Reservations.

AWS EC2 Classic Resource Finder script:

It’s very hard to find all services running dependent on EC2-Class, so AWS has released a script “EC2 Classic Resource Finder script” to help their customers to locate all EC2-Classic resources in an account. we have provided the link below to download the “AWS EC2 Classic Resource Finder script”.

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AWS Application Manager Service (AWS MGN):

Amazon has also released a migration service “AWS Application Manager Service (AWS MGN)” to help customers migrate instances and databases from EC2-Classic to VPC. It also mentions “The first 90 days of replication are free for each server that you migrate” using the AWS MGN.

For more details about how to use, pricing of “AWS MGN” and about all migration tools please check the official post of amazon AWS – Here

EC2-Classic Networking is Retiring – Here’s How to Prepare

Download the AWS EC2 Classic Resource Finder script from GitHub here:

AWS EC2 Classic Resource Finder script

How to Find All EC2-Classic Resources:

To find all the resources of EC2-Classic download the EC2 Classic Resource Finder script from above. You can run this script directly in a single AWS account, or you can use a “multi-account-wrapper” which is included to run it against each account of an AWS Organization. The script works by visiting each AWS Region, looks for specific resources, and generates a set of CSV files.

Here’s the output from the first run:

The script needs a few minutes to run. after getting the CSV files you need to inspect each file to get a sense of how much work you need to do:

And to learn more take a look inside:

Below are the examples that indicate, some stopped OpsWorks Stacks that can either be migrated or deleted:

For the full details about the EC2-Classic Migration tools, Resource finder, and any other questions regarding the AWS EC2-Classic please reach the official post of AWS by the link provided above.

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What do you think about AWS quitting the golden EC2-Classic, do you have any questions and problems regarding EC2-Classic please comment down below our community will surely help your problems get solved.



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